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Hank thinks everyone stinks and he is king! haha Or more like princess!


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We got a new puppy! Clairabelle. Hank is bonding quite nicely. She has a little too much energy for him, but he is already starting to protect her. He is very touchy to new dogs meeting her. After almost a week he has also started to cuddle with her! Though I’m sure he is happy that she cannot get on the couch yet! haha


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Hank turned 3 yesterday! We played outside for a good part of the day to celebrate!


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While Hank was outside the other day a peanut was tossed on the ground in front of him. I thought for sure he would just eat the entire thing and either be sick or not.

To my extreme surprise he crunched it, spit it all out and then proceeded to eat the actual nut inside. It was so entertaining I continued to toss peanuts on the side walk. All of the shells are still there. ha


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Hank got to play outside! Sad that the weather is getting cold again.


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It was warm enough a few days ago to play outside. Hank likes to sit on the front porch and watch Mr Grey Kitty, our neighbor.


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I hid a dog bone in the couch! haha


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Hank has the worst intestine function of any dog I have met! Yesterday (Sunday) he was “pooing” blood. A friend suggested I make some Hank some brown rice.

AWESOME! It worked!

Hank loved the rice and today he was fine! 🙂


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This is generally how the play dates go lately. Hank best friend is a Bichon Frisé named Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. Mims or Mimsy for short, and Sir Nicholas when he is in trouble! ha

When Hank and Mimsy were first introduced Hank was entirely too rambunctious and Mimsy was too young and scared. Over time they became bestest buds since they are neighbors. Hank and Mims’ first few successful play dates consisted of running all over the apartments and up and down the stairs. Sometimes running around in the hall way.

Now Hank is almost 3 and Mims almost 2. Lately the play dates consist of a good solid 1 minute of running around only to be followed by tons of turns drinking water. Then laying on the couches. Sometimes together. Sometimes on separate couches. Sometimes Hank on the couch and Mimsy above him in the window sill. There they lay until Mimsy’s mom is ready to go home.

This is a picture of the last play date. Mimsy is watching Hank compulsively lick his paws.